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Category: Medical
Platform: Bada
Version: 1.0
Languages: English and Russian.
Requirements: Supports Samsung Bada 2.0 +
Support page: Click here to navigate to Beauty Self-Massage support page
"Beauty Self-Massage" is easy to use illustrated guide how to make Chinese self-massage for the purpose of beautification. Self-massage therapy has a long history in China. It combines massage manipulations, breathing exercises, and mental relaxation, concentration, and visualization to maximize and restore health to the human body. Chinese self-massage manipulations can dilate the subdermal capillaries, accelerate blood circulations, improve the nutrition of the skin, quicken tissue metabolism, and benefit the cutaneous respiratory function. App contains description of massage steps for the 8 areas:
  • Beauty of the face - Points massage;
  • Skin of the face - Moistening;
  • Acne - Preventing and Treating;
  • Protecting the Teeth;
  • Protecting the Hair;
  • Developing the Breasts;
  • Losing Weight;
  • Strengthening the Body.
Chinese self-massage can be successfully combined with modern Western medicine, chiropractic, homeopathic, and naturopathic medicines.
Attention! Patients should always consult with a licensed health care professional before using self-massage or any other form of health care!

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